Bologna Pony!

by Fetish Hotel

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Bologna Pony! Is now available to download again
A Precursor to TDOCG89RPT but with a lot of baggage

Life's a beach
And I'm a swimmer


released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Fetish Hotel Marengo, Illinois

Fetish Hotel is a one piece band from Illinois
Sounds of organized carnage with an elegant melodic twist

All music written and performed by James Furber

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Track Name: 9 Volt
Gifted am I!
A wolf glaring with
"Demon like eyes"
Climb onto the counter tops
Way to make a child sleep

No need to tap the keys
We're trapped on this road
We're trapped all alone
Better make a fire

Great Aroma for lost time
She was draped in heaven's scent
I've been running from the money
When I get home my hair's a mess

9 Volt times 2 (9vx2)
You were fingered in a pew
Claiming what's yours

Rest in peace
I love you more =(
Track Name: And....Boom Goes The Kryptonite
Far off into the abyss
Allow the fuel to saturate the chasm
I'll make you "fucking laugh"

Paralyzed-from the neck down
moving only through a breathing tube
It's like Fat Chicks with no tits
More pity
You and I are the same

Kiss my fist
This wet dream cries out
Feeding it carrots

Fat chicks...with no tits

I feel sorry for them
Give them more pity
For they and I are the same

Kissed the crisp
My wet dream allowed

I've seen enough of this
As I'm waiting for the chalk
I've seen enough of this
Biting on each other's gums

I've seen enough of this
"This blood" means war
Track Name: The Bat Has Been Summoned
Sudden visions creep behind my window
Skips to the rooftop

They called me "Bat shit crazy"
"Drug magic, fat and lazy"

I migrate like a bat to his cave
Maybe you found your slave

Just imagine graceful charity
Hand in hand on a drug called clarity

It's okay now you can open your mouth
he has left you with your face wet
Premonition-I cast my visions out
Because the skin I lived in shredded in the south

Gaw, you jagoffs
Violence-now I've cut you off
Just like a farmer would
Your stature so vague
And those layers are never soft

Rituals-get up and tell them
Squeal, how does it feel?
With an iron fist setting the bar

Clinched teeth
Blue remedy
Glass Digested
With Such ease

Please think what's on your plate?

Forget about the mission
I was just an illusion

I can't put this boulder down
Blue veins
Clockwork Shifting somehow older
Such shame
He has left now go and get your treat
Like a dog
You will always stay

Jerks off
With all doors unlocked
Waiting for unsuspecting victims
And hopefully it's The Sun
To show "Bog"
How it's "fucking done"

532 hours of metamorphosis
I'll worship my orange sky when the time arrives
Track Name: I Reign On A Sunny Day
Look Before
Look at me
A distorted Human
Is all that I see

Southern, Summer Hours
Bathing in a sun shower
I guess I'm not the only one
Who's having a bad day

It's hard to perceive among nature's beauty
Reason is so far out of reach
But still I laugh out loud
And grind my teeth

Who wanted them sloppy seconds?
I'd love to shake your hand!
Pompous empowered joke of a man

Now all I have is pizza for breakfast

I'll cook my dinner

Life's a beach
I'm a swimmer
Track Name: Daisy Nipples On A Fly Redhead
Download a vision to spill out my children
Your hair is so crimson
I spy with my third eye someone who is perfect

Yeahhhh I've got your picture on my computer
I'm zooming in to see all your features

Every pore on your face

I don't get a lot but I like myself
That's one shitty ring
I'd buy you flowers every day
But life isn't always so rewarding

Good things happen early in the morning
Sitting reading one of the two

You're completely oblivious that I'm watching you
"selfies" on a stupid moped
I wish that was me sharing your cigarette

I get cold
Just knowing I won't ever be in your presence
But seriously....

I love your Breasts
Track Name: Elwood!
Fuel up off the wise gal
Master of the midnight snack
This was done without mercy
Panic attack-Fire ant allergy

Glory is my outcome
I feed the hairy glutton
RISE! From the Gallows, a dog feast upon a rice bowl

You don't wanna walk in on me jerking off
My dick never soft thinking dirty thoughts
I'ma jizz on everything in your house
Stove top, field mouse, while you're sleeping in your mouth
Gotta get me a black canvas so I can relieve some stress without making a mess
At night I violently masturbate huffing, puffing, I let it all out on a plate
Are you feenin for some semen babe?
The get off the couch and lick up my shame


Crossing the far plane
Is very complicated
I called in for some guidince
Luckily the joke's on you
Complications with my CPU

I see children using chemicals
I see humans limbless useless

So what was your logic paint?
What's even left of your logic?
So what does your logic paint?
I can't find....the logic....

Time line=49
Time line=49

Without any regret
I suffer from the sound of you
Eating my bed eat me instead

You know if I could I would always be with Elwood
Track Name: Medusa Anxiety
Travel around
When I'm feeling down and out

Liquor brings you to me
But now I'm left with Medusa Anxiety
I stared at a rectangle
Begging for redemption
Cried like a child
Waiting for redemption

You're not human
You're not human

You're the Medusa woman who stole my heart
When I gaze into your eyes I swim in an ocean of stars
The Medusa like woman who stole my heart
I think I've screamed so loud...actually ruptured my lungs

It's pretty obvious there's another rooster in the hen house
Just my luck
But it's reality
And I should just say
"Goodbye Gal, Live Pretty."

Dreams eat my soul
Track Name: Honey Bunny Troubles
Clinched teeth with fist
I've never found you

My illusions....Manifest