by Fetish Hotel

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No matter the meaning
TDOCG89RPT is 22 minutes of ear bleeding teeth exploding tracks that reach a euphoric sense of enlightenment

All songs composed during the year of 2016 by James Furber


released January 13, 2017

Additional vocals on Samson's Tiger and Venus Sent by Polo



all rights reserved


Fetish Hotel Marengo, Illinois

Fetish Hotel is a one piece band from Illinois
Sounds of organized carnage with an elegant melodic twist

All music written and performed by James Furber

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Track Name: Samson's Tiger Featuring Polo
I am under a bus
Painted white and green
Through the veins of this world
They scatter as if they are ants
I feel out the future
Paint mine with a tangerine
My satellite nightmare
Broadcasted on Tv screens

I wanted a release
Let a massive foot squash humanity

Back to your pocket
with a depressing goodbye
You'll have plenty of wine
While I rip out my spine

You talk about flying as if it were a charm
I'm tugging my way towards a butch left arm

Crazy Daisy makes the way
While I fetch your disease
Final nova my sun ray desire
I feel uneasy sweaty and queasy

Traveling south
I'll enter the gargantuan mouth
Clocks every hour
On your grave a tiny flower
Everlasting grace is the case
Let me clarify how to abide
Track Name: Clothe Thy Body
Clothe thy body servants
Torture room table forced them into labor
She will suck you off any given Sunday
At least that's what they told me
I believe every word they bled
Anorexic baby washes down some sweet sunset wine
Track Name: Green Tea And Cigarettes
All I need today is green tea and cigarettes
All I need today is green tea and cigarettes

Create me one of those mouths
how did my pants get around my legs?
Can you spare a quarter for a Vietnam vet?

Everyday I say a prayer
That my old hair will have new layers
Need a new body?
Have any takers?
Flight pattern is faker (Hey man, can you spare a quarter for a Vietnam vet?)

Itching for a word
But everything hurts
I'm walking on spurs

I wish that I had wishlist you'd be on there with my dead fish
But unlike you I won't spoil it
Eyes are gushing out and flushed down a toilet
Down a toilet
Track Name: Black Brandy
Ice house for when I scream out loud
The forest king is without mascara
Broken smile attitude
Feeble hero found a star shell

I am the maiden with an iron element
Focus on Bi-winning
The Ceiling shreds
Track Name: TDOCG89RPT
Shower on the police
Jizzum covers thy teeth
A chilling emotion that taste so sweet

Fun Dip sticks made out of meat
Pluck the fruit right from my tree
With this gift I give the........

Your new home
Slamming ostriches
Cornered in salads
Extra ranch dressing

I'm slipping in and out of advice
On the cutting board
Is your skin blanket
I'll make a quilt for
Struggling with little feet

Approach the sanctum
With a serpent
Pray with me
Show what is "religion"

I made a man
I made Amanda
I made AmandaTory Spelling error

The Katan man has left the house
So drunk

Let loose the carbuncle
And I'll move to Arizona
To channel the changer
You'll spell out death and await the next set of instructions
Track Name: Medooza Clairety
You've got an outfit boy I wanna wear it
It's okay Gal you don't need a bath time facial
With a stuffed nose you bring back the dollar
Bring back the dollar

Your my wet triple threat

And I can't stop looking at you
I'm afraid if you do you might go *poof*

Manifest and it's quest
I saw you and your best friend in the dark
Talking about death
Cause that's all you have in common anymore

Convert with a tissue
A bloody thumb print
Is how it all began
Track Name: Trespassing Wiccans
Goddess of the moon
I plead you hear my voice
Fires burn in The Temple of Wayward Succubus

Heath my warning
The Sun is mocking man kind
Ragnarok's clock is ticking
To extinct what is divine
Wiccanss forgive my trespassing
I loathe what I have become
with a sacrificial dagger made of dragons bone

I carve out the hearts of virgins and bathe in purity
It's my kind of tradition you must trust me
This shell we call a body is merely temporary
I souls live on forever in Onyx

Weave my sins into a shroud
I've been contaminating congregations
There's a perfect amount of chemicals in the cauldron

When it is all said and done
We worship The Sun
Who was our "God" in the first place?
Track Name: Daddy Issues
I could have painted your brains all over the drive way

Am I ironic?
Forgive, no I'll forget

Molested by the demon that rests on your shoulders

Animals rise with me!
Splotchy solution has me at my knees

I got some in my eye!
And my skin

Talk about having daddy issues
Fret with my dishonor
Track Name: Listen To The Stomach
Wisdom master is so famished
Let him feed
Put your head against the button
Now take his food
And become The Glutton
Regurgitate the leech
And start sucking

Someone's been reading my tired notes
That are more like lost clothes
A splinter leaves my hand
While another grain is taken from the sand

We stand divine
Around the rabbit's tail
Is time we've lost

I remember being 10 plus 7
When I ripped off life with black tar heroin
Scold Pharaoh
Until I listened to my stomach
And it's words were so triumphant!
I'd go home if I could

I found myself looking at a folding chair your with you in it
And I found myself staring at abortions

It's haunting now
This is isn't my face
Eating away at what you call a disgrace
Feeding somehow off my smiling face
Child like smiles shatter the sunset
Child like smiles shatter the sunset
Track Name: Japan Fan
The whole thing has ended
It's mangled and twisted
Barking like dogs when you gain sight of my blasphemy
The devil is inside of me

Trials and tribulations
Corrupted beliefs
Spitting out venom
That's exactly how you preach

I'll rot in the ground
Mocking your "God"
I'm just food for worms
Yet, I'll ascend tonight

Crushing the clouds ambushing outer realms

I want to pick and bite my nails by the fire place
Oh darling Lucy make that funny face
I've got cancer!


That was just a joke
When you're praying to clouds
I'll be laughing

Shit on the ground
Next to the tree
Shit on my feet
Please set me free
Track Name: Venus Sent Featuring Polo
Frozen goddess
She came and went
Grain of sand
My Venus sent
Locked away
A bell tower key
Tread lightly
Eight Headed beast
Face the keeper
Bring me to the
Stalk the coward
I fall into sleep

Don't shit on me then tell me it's chocolate love
Rain rain silence from my clouds above
Go to the river
And walk on water

I've lost all sight of my glory
Take off your shoes and hear my story

It's time with my limbs entwined
In the garden with my Venus sent

Check the tower run me over
I've been Venus sent
With a burden that's unheard of
I've been Venus sent
Calculate what they hate
We've been Venus sent
Burn the wench what a stench!
We've been Venus sent

Time carries
Time hates
Time Urges
To redeem myself
Time cries out a blasphemous hymn

I've got you locked up my frozen goddess